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Transform Your Life And Stop Selling Time For Money!

If I told you you could learn how to replace your income from a job, or from whatever work you’re currently doing, would you be curious enough to want to know how??

Many people go to work every day to jobs they don’t really want or like, but do it anyway because they need to pay the bills and look after their families! Does that sound like you too?

About 85% of working adults dislike, or even hate, their jobs (and/or boss) and would rather be doing something else. They feel trapped by their job and/or circumstances and don’t know how to change that, or even where to begin looking.

What most people do at this point is to find another “job!” Believing everything will be better somewhere else. The classic “grass is always greener” syndrome. I know this because I used to be the same. It usually didn’t take me very long to realize that in fact, it wasn’t. I still had to work long and stressful hours for pretty much the same measly pay. All I really did was change my location …but not the work (job) I had to do.

I knew something had to change!

Can you relate to any of these situations?

  • Your life is no longer fulfilled by your job or work
  • You spend too much time commuting to and from work
  • You no longer have the passion for your job anymore
  • You’re not paid enough for your skills and knowledge
  • Your job is stressful and tiring
  • You work too many hours every week
  • You don’t have time anymore for your family or friends
  • You no longer have the time or money for a proper vacation
  • You resent your boss
  • You feel used and under-appreciated
  • You’re bored with your job
  • You resent not having the time anymore to pursue your passions or dreams
  • Maybe you want to study but don’t have the time or energy
  • Or maybe you don’t believe in yourself enough anymore to make a change!

If you can relate to any of these, you’re not alone. In fact, most of the above reasons were how I felt for a long time too! So I changed that, and so can YOU! 

You don’t necessarily need to know how everything works right now, you just need to take that first step forward and be willing to learn something new …and be willing to step out of your comfort zone a little too.

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It’s a bit like driving a car. You don’t need to know how the mechanics work to drive a car. All it took for you to learn was someone to show you how …and a bit of practice. And before you knew it you were driving a car without having to think about what gear you needed next.

And it’s very much the same as learning anything new.

The world is changing and evolving rapidly and so is the way many people “earn a living”. The traditional “job” is not the only way anymore. 

The internet has bought us a whole new set of technologies that can help us make money online in many different ways. The old way of trading your time for money is definitely not the only way anymore. There are so many more opportunities and options available to us now that never existed in the past. The internet is here to stay, so we need to learn how to use it to our advantage. 

The most important point I’m trying to make here is that you don’t necessarily need to understand the process fully, to begin with. You just need to trust yourself and make a decision TO START! Once you do that, the journey will unfold for you as needed.

Is This Something I Can Do?

Let’s get some common misconceptions out of the way first. The first is, that earning a living online is “not a job”, when in fact like anybusiness” it does require attention and effort from you to make it work.

However, it doesn’t require the same amount of time or effort to achieve the same (if not better) results for you to make a comfortable living. Initially, there will be more effort required, but once you’ve laid down solid foundations, the effort required to continue on becomes less and less.

Remember, what you want in the end is passive income!

The second misconception is this. “You need to be a computer expert” or “understand how the internet and online marketing works” to make a living online. Nothing could be further from the truth these days. There are many great training platforms and organizations out there (and many dodgy ones too, so always do your research first) that can start you on your journey of transformation.

Another common misconception is that “you need to have your own product or service to sell online”. This is simply not true either. If you do have your own products or service to sell that’s great, but it’s certainly not essential. I had nothing of my own to sell when I got started …not even much money at the time.

There are ways of selling other people’s products and services online by aligning yourself with specific businesses and/or products (including digital products) as an affiliate (or partner), to promote and sell their products and services for a commission. And that’s exactly what I did.

I have a hospitality background and spent most of my working life in the kitchen. I knew nothing about internet marketing or making an income online before I started …and I mean ZERO!

I simply made a decision one day to learn something new. I knew I couldn’t go on working for someone else any longer. I got started by doing a lot of research until I found the right system and mentors that aligned with me, my values, and my needs. 

Systems are important for any business to be successful, but what’s more important to me is the integrity of the people you partner with. They should have similar values and a clear vision of the future. 

So, the answer to that question above is …YES, ABSOLUTELY!

Don’t let fear stop you either. Arm yourself with knowledge and GET STARTED!

If you’re curious enough to learn more about beginning this process and transforming your life, I can show you exactly where and how I got started. You can follow the exact steps I took that took me from long hours in the kitchen to online entrepreneur.

I finally learned how to stop selling my time for a lousy paycheque and set myself free …and so can YOU!

Use any of the free resources below as a started point, including my ebook “Your Personal Guide To Affiliate Marketing”

For more go to: intheboxdigital.com

Please enjoy, and here’s to transforming your life …one step at a time.

Dominic Stefanatos 😀

P.S. Don’t forget: It’s about partnering with the right people and taking the time to educate yourself along the way. Just get started, believe in yourself, and the rest will follow.

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Free Video Series Reveals Step By Step How To Start An Online Business From Scrarch

Free Video Series Reveals Step By Step How To Start An Online Business From Scratch