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Working from home is fast becoming the preferred way to earn a living and increase your income. This is mainly because there are so many more advantages to working from home that a traditional job just can’t give you.

So, what does working from home actually mean and what are some of those advantages? …let’s take a look.

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There are basically 2 scenarios I would consider working from home. The first being, when you can work at home with a job you’re currently employed to do (working remotely) And the second being a job or a business you create for yourself that you can run from home (or anywhere else for that matter!)

Although there are definite advantages to the first scenario, it’s the second scenario I would like to talk more about here.

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There are usually 2 main reasons why most people consider looking for an alternative to their 9-5 "job" in the first place. The first reason is often, they’d like to earn more money and have a better income, and the second is usually, they’d like more time for themselves or more time with their families (and sometimes it’s both)

Of course, there are a few other reasons too, like you just hate your job or your boss and you need to do something different with your life. Or you can't continue working the long hours with the daily stress that comes with a job that doesn't reward you well enough for the work you do either. 

And that’s exactly how a home-based business or career can change your life. So let’s look briefly at some of the main advantages of being able to work from home and build a business around what's important to you. 

  • Flexible working hours - only work when you need or want to
  • No more long commutes, parking hassles, or public transport
  • More time with your family and/or significant other - being there when they need you most
  • The freedom of being your own boss - no more bosses or managers breathing down your neck 
  • No limits on the potential income you can earn - you stop trading your time for money!
  • Being able to work from anywhere - at any time - location free
  • Time and financial freedom - with a passive income!

…just to name a few.

If you have a young family, imagine having more time to spend with your kids and even being able to drop them off at school and pick them up afterwards.

Or imagine being able to travel or live anywhere you like and still have an income coming in every day of the year.

Having the time and financial freedom you get from running your own home-based business, means being able to fit your work in around your life, instead of it being the other way around.

I know that starting an online business may seem like a rather daunting prospect to you right now, particularly if it’s something you’ve never considered before or had any prior experience in. But I'd like to show you just how doable it really is with a little help.

By following this simple step by step program, that's been put together by business entrepreneurs and mentors, you can now start building your very own online (home-based) business from scratch.

Best of all, you don't need any special skills or knowledge to get started, or even need any of your own products to sell.

There are so many alternatives to choose from in today's digital world that offer people just like you, from all walks of life, the opportunity to start building a career and a business online without having to stop working first.

Free Masterclass Training - Learn The Digital Skills You Need To Earn Money From Home

The world is rapidly changing, moving from the industrial age, that we’re all used to, into a new digital economy, where new online opportunities open up to us every day.

The trouble is, many people are being left behind, scrambling to keep up with the changing landscape, and trying to hold onto jobs that are becoming obsolete.

Job security is now a thing of the past - now more than ever! But you can change that by taking control of your future income now!

The industrial system that we’re in now, in my opinion, is broken, and it’s this very system that’s keeping us all tied to a job, where we have to trade our time for money, just to earn a paycheque each week.

And, as one of my favourite authors, Robert Kiyosaki says …"it’s keeping us all broke!"

Whereas, the new digital economy gives us the opportunity to work from home …running our own businesses and giving us the flexibility and freedom to pick and choose how and when we want to work.

Free Masterclass Training - Learn The Digital Skills You Need To Earn Money From Home

Personally, I got to a point where I was fed up with working the long hours being demanded of me by my bosses, and never being at home with my family. And when I was at home, I was either too exhausted or not in the mood to do anything anyway.

"That's when I made the decision to change my future!"

I spent over 30 years, as a chef, in the hospitality industry slaving my guts out for other people's dreams before I realized it really wasn’t worth it. I really wasn’t getting anywhere, and it was slowly killing me (and my marriage and relationships!)

When I was starting out with my first online venture (at 54) I was working 60+ hours per week. So it was important to me that I could do something around my job at the time. It was also important for me to find a system that allowed me to stop trading my time for money and start earning a passive income that would eventually give me financial freedom.

But, by far, the thing that I was looking for the most was something with integrity, that aligned with my beliefs and would fulfill my life's purpose again.

So, when I discovered this opportunity for myself, which I'll share with you now, I was over the moon, because it meant I could start working on my own business from home in my spare time, even though I had no digital skills at the time or any online business knowledge.

Let me briefly explain what I discovered and how it works. I found a group of online entrepreneurs and mentors that showed me step by step how to start, build, and grow an online business from scratch. Their comprehensive training program is world-class and gives you all the tools and training you will ever need to start your own online business ...and best of all, their support never stops - EVER!

So, let's look at a couple of the many options available that are a good place to start for anyone that's new to this idea (as I was before I began)

So, What Kind Of Businesses Can You Run Part-Time From Home?

You should start with something that is very product-driven (as opposed to service-related) and extremely easy to fulfill on. Something that you believe in and feel confident selling. And it needs to be a product (physical or digital) that you can sell many times over every week without spending a lot of your personal time on customer service or fulfillment.

After all, the last thing you want to be doing after a long day's work is to come home and have to spend hours on delivering whatever it is that you’re selling.

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

So, what business models will work best around your current job? Affiliate marketing is a great one to start with. This is where you sell other businesses products (or services) for a commission - without having to do any of the fulfillment or delivery yourself.

As an affiliate, the amount of products you can sell is unlimited. And the beauty of this is, you can sell those products many times over, 24/7, 365 days a year. So even when you’re working or doing other things, you’re busy growing your income along with your business as well.

Sell E-Commerce

Another option is to sell physical products with an e-commerce business. With physical products, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel either. You can simply order existing products in bulk, at a fraction of the cost, and then set up a sales system to sell them through.

Opportunities like Amazon FBA or even drop-shipping will do the heavy lifting for you. They will process the payments and deal directly with packaging, distribution, and customer service.

Something To Consider As You Go Into This

People always want the ultimate answer to the question “how long is this going to take” before I start making money online?" But there are so many variables to that question that it’s hard to answer. It could be a matter of weeks or it could take months.

A better question to ask yourself would be, how long can I put up with my current situation before something in my life gives?

So a lot comes down to the time you have available and your commitment to learning the digital skills needed to succeed.

If you’re serious about getting a business started and looking for a genuine way to do it around your current day job, without having to break the bank or have a ceiling on your income potential, then this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Be sure to check out this FREE video series that’s been responsible for helping THOUSANDS of people already, just like you, start an online business from scratch, working around their day job (which is exactly how I got started)

It’s totally free to register and receive the training and it’s totally void of all the usual hype and false promises you see online these days.

If you have a problem or situation right now that needs fixing or changing, then the worst thing you could do - is nothing!

In my experience, the longer you leave these things unresolved, the worse they get. So, if you don’t take the necessary action needed for change now, nothing will happen  ...and that's guaranteed!

Why not take your first step now towards a future you truly deserve and develop the skills you need to start working from home - and recession-proof your future at the same time!

Dominic Stefanatos | Dedicated To Your Success

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