Could A Digital Business Be Your Key To Change?

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With the online technologies and endless resources we have at our fingertips these days, it has never been easier to start your own digital business. But for whatever reason, many people still don’t think they can, or that they’re qualified enough to do so.

But I’m here to show you otherwise.

What I’ve noticed, is that many people still have irrational fears and misconceptions about what it actually takes to start an online business. But where do they come from, and are they valid?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common reasons why, and then we’ll delve a little deeper into a couple of them. Which one(s) do you relate to the most?

  • You have to quit your job first
  • You need to have the technical knowledge and computer skills
  • You need to know how to build a website
  • You don’t have the time
  • You don’t have the money
  • You don’t know anything about business
  • You think they’re all scams
  • You don’t have anything to sell or offer
  • You have a fear of failure
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You worry about what others will think …and so on

It’s true, the reason many people first think about starting an online business or start exploring the possibility of making some money online is that they would really love to quit their jobs! That was definitely one of my strongest motivators …but not my only one!

But the truth is, most people can’t afford to just quit their jobs and hope for the best, and luckily, you don’t have to …that comes later. In fact, unless you have a substantial amount of money to support yourself for a while (or a significant other that can) I would definitely recommend hanging on to your job for a while longer That gives you the ability to not only build up your business first but also the time to learn some of the business ins and outs as well. 

Of course, there are many different reasons and circumstances people have for wanting to start a digital business, such as-

  • You might want to stay at home and be there for your kids
  • You might need an extra income to help pay the bills
  • You might want to be at home more for your family
  • You may want the ability to live in different parts of the world at different times of the year
  • You might want to support yourself while you travel
  • You might want more security and freedom in your life
  • Perhaps you just hate your job or your boss and want to quit
  • Or maybe you feel unfulfilled with the work you currently do

And maybe it’s for an entirely different reason altogether. It doesn’t really matter what it is, an online business can definitely help you achieve your life’s desires and ambitions.

So, you don’t have to quit your job just yet, but what about some of the other concerns people have for not starting an online business.

To be honest, I had a lot of them myself. But the truth is, I needn’t have. What I discovered was that it was a lot easier to get an online business started than I had initially thought.

Firstly, I was working very long hours in my job as a chef and thought I didn’t have enough time (or energy) to do anything like that. But when I found the right business model and program to follow and work with, it all of a sudden became very doable.

It’s funny how you can find the time to do the things that need to be done when you have to, and I now realize that most of the reasons I had in my head for not doing it, were only excuses.

As for the technical skills and online knowledge, I had none …zero! But again, these are the things I learned along the way when I needed to and in my own time. 

My biggest concern, by far, was how much this was going to cost. You see, my wife and I had a large personal debt (from a failed brick and mortar business) that was eating up just about everything we earned. So we had very little spare cash to throw at this venture (in fact, none at all really)

But again, I found exactly what I needed in the business model and program I used that helped me get from where I was, to where I wanted to be.

So, What’s The Right Business Model For You?

The right business model is obviously going to be different for everyone depending on your circumstances. So I’ll tell you how I got started and why.

Like me, many people start with affiliate marketing. The reason being, it’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways of getting started online. Not only that, you don’t need to have any of your own products or services to sell, and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on stock or produce anything that’s going to cost you any money upfront (like a digital product or service)

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a constant passive income online. This can be done in a few different ways, but essentially it’s about aligning yourself with an online business(s) that will pay you a commission for referring customers to them, who then go on to purchase a product or service. Many companies these days offer affiliate programs.

The process of getting set up and registered is usually a relatively easy one too. Usually, it’s an online registration process and you’re ready to go, once you’ve been approved of course. 

However, I always recommend doing some research first. There are plenty of books you can read and affiliate marketing conferences or workshops you can attend before you begin, not to mention a plethora of information you can find online.

However, the key to a successful affiliate marketing business comes down to how well you can “market” the products and services you wish to promote.

There are a number of different ways this can be done, but most commonly, it will be done with paid advertising (such as Facebook or YouTube) or with blog writing and recommendations that can be accessed through a website.  

Now, before you start jumping up and down and screaming “I don’t have a clue about any of this” know this, neither did I when I began. Remember, I was a chef, so I learned these skills as I progressed and only when I needed them.

I’ll explain how I did that soon, so please stick with me here. 

I’d like to briefly touch upon a couple of other options that might interest you. They are both along the e-commerce line and like affiliate marketing are a good starting point for many people because they’re cheap and relatively easy to start.

The first is drop-shipping and the second is print-on-demand.

There are a number of online platforms like, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Squarespace, and many more that allow you to set up an online store using their platform. They essentially give you all the tools you need and walk you through the process of setting up your own online store. Most operate with a low-cost monthly subscription.

This is how drop-shipping works: Once you’ve set up your store (your website) on one of these platforms you then find products to put into your store. The beauty here is, you never have to physically touch these products and you only have to pay for them once a customer places an order.

Confused? So was I at first. Basically, drop-shippers use a third party warehouse to supply, hold, and ship their goods for them. When a customer places an order you then pass that order on to the supplier (with a payment) who then ships that product directly to your customer.

You then keep the difference between what the supplier charged you and what you charged your customer (less the cost of advertising) the rest is profit. The beauty lies in the fact that you never have to buy or hold any stock, nor do you ever have to worry about logistics or shipping, it’s all taken care of for you. 

It’s very likely that if you’ve ever purchased anything online, this is the transaction that took place, without you even knowing about it. It’s such a great business model!

Print-on-demand works in a very similar way. The difference being the product doesn’t actually exist until a customer places an order. Let’s say you go online and order a t-shirt with a cool design. That order is then (automatically) sent to the print company. They print the t-shirt with your cool design and then ship it directly to your door. Just like magic.

Most print-on-demand companies have a very quick turnaround time too, so in most instances, you’ll have your t-shirt within a week to 10 days. They also have many other products that can be printed on, such as hoodies, t-shirts, leggings, towels, pillows, caps, mugs, bags, bottles, swimwear, and much more, so there’s a lot to you can offer your customers. 

You’re only really limited by your own imagination, and if you suck at design or have no desire to do it yourself, there are plenty of tools and freelances out there that will do it for you (for a small fee)

Some people just use the drop-shipping model, while others just use print-on-demand. The third option here would be to have a store that combines them both. These are commonly known as flex stores, but no option is necessarily any better than the other. They all work well and they all have their own pros and cons. It just depends on what you prefer.

I choose to run a flex store, although, initially I was only going to do drop-shipping. But I wanted to offer something more than just photography equipment in my store, so I then added the print-on-demand products as well. 

I discovered after that, that I really enjoyed creating my own designs, which makes them all unique and different from anything else out there …pretty cool.

My other business is in affiliate marketing, as I mentioned earlier, which is where I got started. So, as you can see, I was able to go from being a chef to becoming an online entrepreneur, with relative ease, and change my life in the process. 

Now, I’m not going to say it was all smooth sailing and it happened overnight, but in a relatively short amount of time, I went from knowing nothing about the online world to launching an online business and running ads. For me, that took about 6 months. But don’t forget, that was part-time.

So What’s Stopping You?

What stops most people is FEAR …plain and simple. Fear of failure is a big one for many, but you will generally find that fear is behind most reasons (or excuses) anyone ever has for not doing something.

On the other hand, fear was one of my biggest motivators. I was so scared that if I didn’t change something in my life now, I was going to be stuck in the kitchen for the rest of my life …and I literally couldn’t bare the thought of that. There were a few other reasons, but that one was pretty high on my list.

At this point, I really didn’t know what I was going to do, or even have a clue about where to start. But what I did know, was that I couldn’t continue doing the same old thing every day if I wanted any part of my life to change.

So, despite being scared (and a bit skeptical, if I’m honest) I pushed on and gave it crack. I had nothing to lose really, but I also didn’t want to wake up one day with regret, knowing I didn’t even try. 

What would you like to see change in your life? Is there a desire within you that you would truly love to see happen?

  • Is it to look after your family and provide a better life for them?
  • Is it the ability to choose when you work?
  • Is it having more time for yourself and your kids?
  • Is it having the freedom to travel whenever you like?
  • Is it a need for a better lifestyle?
  • Is it a need for financial stability and security?
  • Is it a need for more money in retirement?
  • Or maybe it’s just a need to stop working 60+ hours per week for someone else?

We’ve all got different needs and desires. But here’s the thing …without taking any action (even a little) nothing will change …guaranteed!

If anything here has resonated with you and you’d like to explore some new possibilities, then I recommend you start with the free training videos below (which is exactly where I stared) They’ll show you more specifically what’s possible in today’s digital economy and they’re a great starting point to work from. Why not see for yourself what’s possible with the right digital know-how and guidance.

It’s time now for you to take control of your future by being brave and taking that first step!

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