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A Perfect Time For Change

Could now be the perfect time for a change?

Now that so many of us have had our daily lives disrupted in one way or another, I think this presents a wonderful opportunity for all of us to stop, think and reassess our lives, even if only for a brief moment.

Just a few short months ago none of us would ever have imagined being in the situation we now find ourselves in, and particularly with the speed at which this pandemic has spread (and continues to spread). 

With no forewarning or preparation time, everyone, including governments, are scrambling to keep up with this constantly evolving situation and disruption to our lives.

There’s no dough that these are uncertain and worrying times for most, which is perfectly normal. But don’t let that worry turn into fear. Fear is negative energy that doesn’t serve any of us as human beings. 

Instead, stay positive and help each other out as much as possible. This will, in turn, help us individually and collectively raise the consciousness of the planet, and that right there could be one of the greatest gifts we receive from these challenging times.

Check on your neighbors and stay in touch. Do some shopping for someone who can’t. These small acts of kindness are what will see us through these challenging times.

By focussing on the positives and taking the time to care for one another, your mind won’t be able to bring you into fear. 

Try it! Think about how you could be helping someone in need right now. For that brief moment, did you have any fear? No …because when you’re in a positive state of mind fear just disappears. 

The easiest way to get through something like this is to “stay focused on what you can control”. Operating from a point of fear is not only futile but will drain your energy!

Those that are looking forward and operating from a place of generosity will get through this much easier than those that aren’t. 

The time is right!

So, now that most of us are cooped up at home, I can’t think of a better time to STOP and take the time to really evaluate what’s important to us in our lives.

I believe that now is the perfect time for change and growth on so many levels. I’m not just talking about personal growth either, but hopefully, the growth of societies, governments, and nations that have had everything turned upside-down by recent events.

At the moment we’re all witnessing how quickly our everyday “normal” lives can be changed overnight, not to mention how fragile our lives really are.

So what’s standing out for you right now as being vitally important?

I know for me it’s the health and safety of my family first (including myself), followed closely by ensuring we have enough income to survive and get through this.

How can we use this time to make positive changes?

A lot of people often use the excuse (including myself) that we’re too busy and simply don’t have the time for …whatever it is. 

So, all excuses aside for a moment, is there anything that’s been put on the back burner for a while or needs some attention, that could now realistically be a possibility again or worked on right now? 

Learning something new could be a great place to start, particularly for those that have found themselves out of work indefinitely. Do some short (online) courses to up-skill and improve your chances of being employed again after the dust has settled.

Maybe you have been considering starting your own online business? Having a passive income (particularly in uncertain times like these) can give you amazing peace of mind. Take the time now to learn how it’s done and explore new possibilities …and take action right away!

Catch up on all the reading that’s been pushed aside. There are so many options here, like personal growth, relationships, business or even “how-to” books (or videos) to name a few.

  • Learn how to cook.
  • Learn how to meditate.
  • Learn how to get that DIY project done.
  • Learn how to be a better parent.
  • Learn how to grow organic vegetables.
  • Learn how to start an online business …etc, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Another way I think this time could be well spent, is by changing our habits and routines. I have now added a morning walk to my daily routine. What about adding a 10 minutes meditation as well?

Most of us operate out of habit and routine. So, if you want to change any part of your daily routine, start by sitting down and writing down what your perfect day looks like. 

Be specific: Where and how do you wake up? Who is with you? What’s the first thing you do when you get up? what does work look like for you? (Tip: it may not be what you do now). What time do you have lunch …what do you eat? etc. I think you get the idea.

Now begin to implement some of these things into your daily life. Even if you only focus on one thing at a time your life will slowly begin to change. And what used to be routine may now seem completely foreign to you as you change your habits and routines for the better. 

For many of us, change has been forced upon us. But rather than look at this negatively, why not take this opportunity to make some important changes to your life. Turn this into an opportunity to improve something in your life that wasn’t or isn’t working for you.

As an example, many people, and businesses, are now realizing the benefits of being able to have their employees work remotely. Many businesses have had to adapt very quickly in order to survive and/or keep their employees.

And many employees are now wondering if they really need to commute to a workplace every day, as well as realizing for themselves the benefits of working from home, and maybe even if they need to have a boss at all!

I would imagine that many of these arrangements will be left in place even after this crisis has passed. Some of these arrangements may never have happened either, were it not for what’s happening right now and I think we’ll see many more positives once things have passed. 

We often resist change, but I think change is exactly what we and the planet need right now.

So, stay positive and stay safe. If we all work through this together with positivity and generosity we’ll get through this and be stronger and smarter at the other end. 

Stay safe and God bless


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