Traditional Vs Modern Ways Of “Earning A Living”

A New Era Emerges

6 August 1991. It doesn’t seem that long ago really, and a pretty insignificant day for most of us, but that was the day the world wide web went live to the world with the very first public website. 

Who would have guessed the impact it would have on our lives in such a short amount of time. Even now, less than 30 years on, it’s difficult to imagine what life would be like without the internet. 

The internet has impacted just about every single person on the planet in one way or another, even indirectly, without you even knowing it. It’s really difficult to imagine life now without the internet.

So many things have changed since then. Just look at how we do our banking, our shopping, find a date, do research, communicate, or even watch TV. Nearly every aspect of our life has been touched by the internet and modern technology.

Businesses, in general, have changed dramatically too, even for those that were in business long before the internet began. Many businesses collapsed after the internet started because they didn’t understand it well enough (or it’s potential) or they just didn’t move quickly enough to utilize it properly. For those that did though, the rewards were huge!

The Change Ahead

Along with those obvious changes also came some not so obvious ones. Particularly when it comes to making money online for the individual. Many people think that it’s only big business that can make money online and in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Individuals all around the globe make money online every day, and there are a number of different ways and platforms to do so (which we’ll touch on a little later on).

So let’s look at that for a moment, and what that could mean for you and your life.

One possibility is that you could now (potentially) replace your income (your job) by learning how to make money online, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. There are many tools, platforms, mentors, and programs out there that can get you started almost right away. And the best part is you don’t need to outlay a ton of money or be an expert in marketing or the internet to get started, you just need to be willing to start learning something new!

Many of us (myself included) were bought up to think that the only way to make money was to go to school and study hard for years in the hope of one day getting a well-paid job. Or if you were really good at what you did (and could raise enough capital), you could start your own business, usually working even more hours per week to make it work than you would have to in a job.

This suits some people of course, but for many others, they’re now stuck in a job they’d rather not be doing or have very little passion for anymore. Worse still, they don’t know what to do to change their current situation and move forward with their lives (and that was me for many years too). 

We weren’t taught at school how to follow our dreams or passions, instead, we were taught to be “practical” and learn something that would secure us a job. In the long run though, that’s not very life fulfilling for many people.

This traditional way of earning a living is simply “trading your time for money”, and that can be very limiting too, as you only have a certain number of hours per week to earn that money.

Alternatively, you could earn a “passive income”. There are numerous ways of doing this, both on and offline, but doing it online can give you a massive advantage. HOW? By giving you the power to leverage the internet to massively scale your business online (your new job). This can now be done faster and easier than ever before.

One of the easiest ways of getting started online is to become an affiliate marketer. This is when you align yourself with a particular company’s product or service, which is usually something you like or are passionate about. You then promote their product and earn a commission every time someone purchases a product through you.

There are obviously a few things to know and learn here to make this work properly, which is why some help and training is recommended, but it’s not difficult at all and can be learned and implemented in a relatively short space of time.

There’s one thing to remember here though. These are NOT “get rich quick” schemes. They require a certain amount of work and effort, especially in the beginning, to make them work (like any business does) but are highly rewarding in the end when you do things right.

So, if you’re stuck in a job right now or just want something more from life than just the same old, same old, then take a look at the exact path I took to begin my own online journey. It might be just the thing you need to help you transform your life into something special as well.

What’s Important

If having more time in your life is just as important to you as having more money, then you owe it to yourself (as well as your family) to consider “what else is possible”

I have put together access to a free webinar that will explain how things work as well as access to free training workshops that will give you information on how you too can get started creating an income online.

Please enjoy, and here’s to changing your life one step at a time.


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